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Total beauty special -best seller!

It’s our best seller and recommended the package of the last day for the trip!

Herbal steam sauna “Tanom Chupon” and herbal aromatherapy massage, scrub with fresh herbs, heal of body fatigue and refreshing the skin.

 Comfortably sweating body with chupon using highly detoxifying herbs, and  Massage gently and rhythmically to the warmed body. 

Herb scrub is hardened Aging horny matter is dropped, after that it becomes beautiful smooth skin.

After whole body care will receive Khmer signature facial. Face, decollete, head and hand massage with moisture herbal oil. Spend the most luxurious time at the end of the trip.

facial treatment

For WHO ?

  • Need the best treatment with 3.5 hours
  • Prefer whole body massage with scrub and facial.
  • The best treatment for the whole body and face.

1. Welcome drink and body constitution diagnosis 

We at spa kheer has original body constitution diagnosis, and prepare herbs

2. Traditional herbal steam sauna “Tanom chupon” 20 mins

Enjoy individually customized herbal steam sauna

3. Herbal oil aromatherapy 70 mins

Whole body massage with our precious herbal oil

4. Herbal body scrub & pack 30 mins

Organic herbs with warmed up oil bring soften & shining skin

5. Shower 

6.Facial treatment 65mins

A truly unique, with traditional local materials, our luxury facial treatment is the perfect boost for your skin and your spirits relaxing.

after drink



Duration : 185mins (total 215mins)

Price : $119 +10%VAT

Starting time : 10:30 – 16:00 (Last start 16:00, finish at 19:30)


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