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About Us

About Us

Company name : kru khmer botanical co.,ltd
Established in : 2009
Employees : 30
President and CEO : Chihiro Shinoda
Office location : salakam reuk commune, siem reap, kingdom of cambodia
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Our Mission

Produce opportunity and create market to young people responsible for the future of Cambodia,

and develop human resources with a dignity and self-confidence.

Through the thoughtful service and warm hand-made manufacturing with the local material,

we provide “Moving experiences” delight to both customers and producers.

Our Vision

We enhance the quality of living – well-being, self-esteem,

inner beauty and happiness – for customers, employees,

and people in community who are connected with us through our service and products.

For our customers

We do not limit ourselves in offering new and unique value to our customers.

We seek to transport the customers with our amazing space,

highest quality and best hospitality in the world.

We continue to develop and challenge ourselves to new things,

in order to offer the customers unique experiences which represent Cambodia.

For our employees

We respect the differences each other to share the joy of working together.

We encourage them to develop themselves without being afraid of changing.

This is because we believe it is a great chance for growth (to step-up to next stage).

We enhance the well-being both in body and mind to let them live with human-dignity.

For our community

As a Cambodian local company, we respect ingredients, people,

and culture, believing that we can grow together as one community.

We trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you.

Through our human resource development program,

we share our experiences and knowledge, which we have got through our business,

to contribute to cultivating human potential in the community.